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Bidvertiser Tips  

Actually still too early for a mensharingkan these tips, in addition actually already listed dashbord in this business, but also earning we still get a little, but for those who really have to want to stress the extent to increase earning bidvertiser no one use this way.

We know bidvertiser is a pay-per-click (PPC) we will get a commission if the ads displayed on our website and nongol visitors click on our website. Adsense is the difference if we can attach a universal code for any website / we blog , bidvertiser this program we must register the website / blog us one by one. But As I experienced, wretched increase if earning bidvertiser website that has been attached to the script program is minimal trafiknya. With the many outmanoeuvre site also does not help sometimes. There are also some tips that I read from the business that this program is to feel the results, we must select the appropriate "category website" the most widely produced the ad, but unfortunately we can not change one wishes our web category.

For example, our website "preference" is terlanjur like this

Primary language of your website: English
Category: Travel -> Adventure Travel & Sports
* Your website has been Assigned category and locked by our editorial team. If you feel that there is another category that better match your website, please contact us.

If we want to change the category, we need to contact the admin bidvertiser. For that we must really choose the category that we will install the script from the program before we register our website. If you already terlanjur yet, we can contact the admin bidvertiser.

There are easier ways that we can try to improve erning bidvertiser the program bidvertiser synergize with the program shareapic (Reff).

Once we register the program here (Reff) menyadingkan we can bidvertiser program with the program shareapic (Reff), of course, we also need to optimize traffic shareapic from us.

the steps:
1. Log in to dashbord shareapic
2. Click the bidvertiser
3. Follow the step-by-stepnya there

Step 1
If you do not have an account bidvertiser can list here (Reff) or click the banner below, if you already have an account .. skip this step.

Step 2
If already registered, please log in to panelnya control menu, then click the image below

Step 3
Fill the form in accordance with your data each

Your username is your username in shareapic
content categories in accordance with the image below (exactly)

Step 4
Back to dashbord bidvertiser, and then click the Get Ad Code, and will pop up a window appears as follows:

Step 5
Notice the code that is copied, the color red that we used akan

Each member will receive a code that is different

Step 6
Back to menu shareapic, kan-paste the code snippet of a red tersebuut to the fields that have been available

then click save, if successful we will get the following message


"Youtube" Keyword  

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Hosts user-generated videos. Includes network and professional content.

YouTube - Indonesia Raya
Ini lagu kebangsaan Indonesia Raya. Film ini dari 1945 ...
4 menit -tercacah 4,7 dengan nilai maksimum 5,0

YouTube - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
YouTube, LLC is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. YouTube was created in February 2005 by three former PayPal ...

YouTube - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas
YouTube adalah sebuah situs web video sharing (berbagi video) populer yang didirikan pada Februari 2005 oleh tiga orang bekas karyawan PayPal: Chad Hurley, ...

Download YouTube dan Konverter FLV « Padepokan Budi Rahardjo
Seperti biasa … sang fakir bandwidth sedang mencari alternatif untuk melihat YouTube. Jika langsung online, lambat sekali. Ada beberapa film di YouTube yang ...

Tips Download Video dari YouTube |
YouTube merupakan salah satu penyedia layanan video terbesar saat ini. Video yang ditampilkan pada umumnya hanya untuk dilihat melalui browser, ...

Film Box Office Segera Hadir di YouTube - udaramaya
12 Nov 2008 ... YouTube akan mulai menawarkan fitur baru kepada para pecinta situs ini berupa film-film keluaran studio-studio raksasa Hollywood.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
YouTube logo · Sign In · live banner. Featured. video · Queen Rania of Jordan .. . 05:20 star. video · Bo Burnham "Welcome To... 04:00 star ...

YouTube - The King of Video Sharing?
26 Dec 2005 ... Nathan Weinberg at Inside Google is claiming that YouTube has moved ahead of Google Video in terms of popularity. I totally agree.

YouTube Company Profile
YouTube was founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, who were all early employees of PayPal.


Ice Rocket - Blog Trend Tools  

is a global leader in commercial search services on the Internet, providing new and more powerful ways for customers to find exactly what they are looking for. IceRocket is pioneering commercial search by putting the interests and wants of consumers before advertisers. IceRocket has innovative blog search technology to search blogosphere

Its pic captured test what blog trend about :
  • Info Bisnis
  • Peluang Bisnis
  • Bisnis 2008
using Ice Rocket - Trend Tools, here we go :

maybe you can using it for another keyword.


Using Google Analytics  

We must controlling and checking regulary status website about traffic and we must optimise SEO and SERP to be increase your visitor. Google Analytics has been re-designed to help you learn even more about where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site.
The new Google Analytics makes it easy to improve your results online. Write better ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives, and create higher-converting websites. Google Analytics is free to all advertisers, publishers, and site owners.

1. Login to Google Analytics site
Click Sign Up for first time

2. Fill form below

3. Follow the instruction, copy code before "/body" in "edit HTML"
Check and wait 24 hour for the final result



Try to posting SEO Contest 2008 held by UKWebmasterworld and i see in this official website, the winner will receive $1000 and each 3 runners up will get $100. Woaww, want to joint this contest but my skill and knowledge so far depend by them :).

If you want to joint this contest you must fill out registration form via their site and all fields are required!

And The Rules here :

    • You may use a domain, folder, or sub domain as your optimised page with one criterion. The page must be brand new, no backlins no cached version
    • Every optimisation techniques are allowed except cloaking, and hiding text. We will periodically compare the optimised pages with their cached version in order to discover the cloackers, hence we kindly ask you to avoid using any kind of noarchive meta tag
    • No multiple entries are allowed - ONE URL per forum member
    • Participants are allowed to change URL but with the same requirements - at the moment of registration new url can not have any cashed version or incoming links. Old URL will be removed from database and no longer allowed to be used.
And some friend individual, programmer, desainer etc joint to this contest, like :
Sunaryo Hadi Brokencode

Good Luck and successfull..


Behind Scene  

I want make money online like cosaaranda, isnaini from local indonesian, or shoemoney anything else, i want earning money online. Reading something blog on the net via google search. And already making blog for getting starting money online. First choosing blog service like blogger or wordpress. Blogger support making onlike like adsense, easy customise and part of big search engine "google". Wordpress very nice service support web 2.0, many developt make wordpress theme, easy theme customise, very good blog but not support adsense without another plugs in. Finally, Choose blogger service for make money online.

Before register blogger or blogspot via or, we need e-mail to create it. I choose Gmail free mail service, try register e-mail with name "cobacoba" but not available right now, finally using "kucobacoba" to name register in gmail and accepted. Now we have free email "".

Let's signup Blog service using blogger, we need sub domain with english grammar not indonesian languange cause customise for adsense, try and error (not accepted), and fnally using sub domain "topsearchingkeyword"